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Happiness is in the journey. 

 All my entire life, I am a speed runner aiming at the destination and never enjoy the beauty of the road side along my run.  I used to think that if I’m success, I’ll be happy.  So whatever I do, I will drive myself very hard to the success and wish to be happy at the success point. 

Back to my time in Oxford, I studied very hard, spend most of the time in class, library and my room.  I focus purely only on my degree, don’t care about socializing with friends, never taking any trip for pleasure.  On the day that I handed in my dissertation, I asked myself ‘What next?’.  I kind of lost don’t feel success or happy as I wish I should.  I don’t know England; never go for a holiday at all.  I don’t have many friends since most of the time I was with all the books and researches.

In comparison to my brother, he enjoyed his years in university and exploration around the country.  He was happy connecting to new people yet still concentrating with the studies.  I believe he was happy every moment in England.  I came back with just the degree; he came back with the degree which represents his success and happiness.  He enjoyed the journey to the destination while I am aiming only the destination without enjoying the journey.

Happiness is in the journey. 



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